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Jump with Joey for ages 4-6

Samstags, 11:00 - 11:45 Uhr

Fun with Flupe

At Helen Doron English we focus on providing a wide variety of sensory experiences that provide a natural environment in which young children absorb an English accent, practise their first words and accumulate vocabulary. This is done by having fun through music, movement, games, and a lot of nurturing.

Jump with Joey, for beginner students ages 5-6 can also be taught following the Fun with Flupe series. This delightful course includes a 12-episode animated series that follows the adventures of Paul Ward and his friend Millie who help Kangi and her mischievous son Joey solve problems in Storyville. While studying English kids also learn important values about friendship and protecting the environment.
Students learn English through 25 songs and loads of games and activities both in the classroom and at home. Jump with Joey is the very first English course to use augmented reality technology. Kids’ English learning experience is enriched as the Jump with Joey characters come to life in their magic activity books, complementing the all-important home hearing segment of the Helen Doron English methodology.

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